JQuery Cool Auto-Suggest

  • Posted on: 11 June 2011
  • By: admin

This is the page for release updates of my jQuery Cool Auto-Suggest plugin. This new version still has the compatible features from the older one. The features are :

  • Supports for ID field.
  • Supports image thumbnail and description
  • Supports form submission on click.
  • Callback function when item is selected.
  • Error callback function for custom error message.
  • Able to pass additional request parameters based on other input's value.
  • Compatible on various screen sizes and mobile devices.
  • Supports for default template overriding.

JQuery Plugin For Collapsible Fieldset

  • Posted on: 2 April 2011
  • By: admin

If you need to create collapsible and expandable fieldset, this jQuery plugin might be helpful. This plugin can collapsed or hide fieldset and it's content by clicking it's legend. You can also decide the initial state for your fieldset wheter it's expanded or collapsed. The separated CSS file will also useful if you need to modify the fieldset appearance. By the way, I named this plugin coolfieldset.

JQuery Plugin For Ajax Auto-Suggest

  • Posted on: 22 January 2011
  • By: admin

This jQuery plugin will help you to create an AJAX auto-suggest or auto-complete textfield easily. Some features it has are :

  • Customizable styles via one CSS file.
  • You can set its width to automatically adjust to the textfield's width or your preferred width.
  • You can specify how many characters typed to trigger the auto-suggest.
  • Stay on top of combobox in IE 6.
  • The data transferred from server is using JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

Transparent Image On Hover With jQuery

  • Posted on: 8 January 2011
  • By: admin

In this tutorial we will try to make the hover effect for the image that we used as link with jQuery. If we move our mouse pointer to the image, then the image will become transparent. And, if we move our mouse pointer out of the image, the transparent effect will be removed so the image will go back to its previous state.