Django Pagination For Raw Query

It's almost two weeks since I started to learn Django until this article is written. It's true that Django has a very powerfull pagination function. When we use it with QuerySet, the query result won't be fetched until we print the result. Yeah, it really saves the performance, but when we use it together with the raw query, all the query result will be fetched first then the library will perform the pagination on it. To solve the problem, I try to create the custom pagination class for Django.

A Small Preview of Drupal 8

Drupal 8 has reached the Alpha 4 version. It will be very interesting to see how it looks like before the stable version is released. To download this alpha version, you can navigate to then download the newest alpha version. Now we will see how this new version in action.


PHP Script For Updating Drupal Core

Updating Drupal core can be a difficult process because Drupal still doesn't support core update in online way. We must download the core first, extract it, then upload it to our server manually. This process can take more time because of so many manual operations. In order to solve that problem, I try to create a PHP script to make the update process easier. We just need to open a URL with some query string and then the script will download the requested Drupal core to our server. What we need to do next is run the update.php.


JQuery Lookup Box

Lookup Box is name of jQuery script that I create to help people to search the data key based on its value. For the example, you might want to enter User Id in a textbox but you only know the User Name. With this script, you can search the user by the name in a popup window. When you click the User Name, the text field will be filled with User Id automatically.

Add Filter Criteria To Drupal Commerce Product Administration Page

The Drupal Commerce product administration page is a View which created using Views module. It means, we can customize that page with no code by using the Views administration page. Now we will see how to add a form with some filter criteria such as product Title and Price to that page so we can search the product list based on the product Title/Name and Price.


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