Thousand Separator Using JQuery LazzyNumeric

Web application that require numeric textfield is not rare thing anymore. Even the financial application which using a lot of numeric textfields has a web based version now. When working with desktop application development we can easily use the textfield with the automatic thousand separator by applying the mask feature or anything like that. It's very different case if we are working with web application development. The HTML input element doesn't has the thousand separator support yet, so we have to use Javascript to accomplish the task.

How To Transfer Domain

There are so many places that we can buy the domain name. In some case, we might want to transfer our domain from one to another registrar. The reason might be various. I ever do that when I develop a website for my client. He already buy the domain from one registrar, but I want to host the web in another provider because the price is cheaper and I can manage the domain and hosting renewal at one place. At first I didn't transfer the domain right away.

Different Provider For Web Hosting and Domain

When you want to have a website, you have to prepare two things. First is a domain name, like,, etc., as the website address. And, the second one is the hosting server to put your website's files such as the HTML or PHP pages, images, all other needed files, and also the database. Two of them are usually provided by the hosting services company. What if you already have a domain but we want to use the hosting service from another provider because of the cheaper price or closer country location to your targeted market?

JQuery Ajax Validation Plugin

The jQuery form plugin by malsup is an excellent plugin when we want to use Ajax feature when submitting the web form. It will be more cool if we can add validation feature to mark the fields which contain error. For security reason, the validation itself will be done in server side not in client side. This plugin is intended to achive that.

Fetch Database Row Using Angular

Based my previous post about jQuery FetchRow plugin. We are going to fetch one record from database based on the ID we entered and display the result in the other input element but this time I try to achieve it using Angular.

Let's see the following complete client side code. For the server side script we are still using the same code in jQuery FetchRow.


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