Machine Learning: Classify Gender By Name using Django and NLTK

  • Posted on: 19 November 2016
  • By: admin

Machine learning is one of the current hot topics in the IT world. The huge growth of data and the increase of computing power may be the best supporting factors which lead to the current condition. Besides the good trend, machine learning is very interesting for me personally. So, I try to find some information about it and that leads me to Python and its NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit) library. The last time I use Python is about two years ago when I learn about Django, the web development framework for Python.

Django Pagination For Raw Query

  • Posted on: 2 February 2014
  • By: admin

It's almost two weeks since I started to learn Django until this article is written. It's true that Django has a very powerfull pagination function. When we use it with QuerySet, the query result won't be fetched until we print the result. Yeah, it really saves the performance, but when we use it together with the raw query, all the query result will be fetched first then the library will perform the pagination on it. To solve the problem, I try to create the custom pagination class for Django.