• Posted on: 26 March 2012
  • By: admin is a catalog website for many kind of electrical goods such as cable, capacitor, lamp, switch, ballast, etc. This website is not an online shop which has checkout feature after adding some items to shopping cart. Its shopping cart feature has been modified for visitors to ask the price of items to the owner.

This website is written from scratch with PHP. Using the great mod_rewrite feature of Apache, this website has the URL which really Search Engine Friendly. The name of the product is used as the part of URL which generated automatically on every new product creation. This method is really inspired by the URL alias feature in Drupal.

The live site is located at

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[url=]Apoeta[/url] Udibadum - Emudan Fafoygawo - Ijowiwiq Iiqaselo - Izopod Uropuju

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