• Posted on: 8 February 2016
  • By: admin

While many websites today have cool and fancy layout and design, takes a different approach. Instead of using complicated design, it uses a clean and simple one just like a products catalog book so hopefully the visitors can focus more on the content. This website is also not using the responsive layout which is very popular nowadays. So, to give the best experience for the visitors who use mobile device, it automatically detects the user agent information of the web browser then sent the appropriate template according to it.

The other interesting part of this website is it has no database for the product list. For the instead, it uses PHP Guzzle library to fetch the content from the Restful API on it's parent site ( So, when there is a new product or some updates on the parent site, the content in this site is automatically updated too.

The API on the parent site itself is developed using the Silex framework, which very easy to use for building a Restful API.