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A Small Preview of Drupal 8

  • Posted on: 22 October 2013
  • By: admin

Drupal 8 has reached the Alpha 4 version. It will be very interesting to see how it looks like before the stable version is released. To download this alpha version, you can navigate to https://drupal.org/node/3060/release then download the newest alpha version. Now we will see how this new version in action.


The installation process is almost the same like the version 7, the only difference is just the appearance.

Responsive theme

Along with the increasing number of mobile device usage such as smartphones and tablets, Drupal has also prepared its default theme to be responsive.

This is the theme in the normal screen.

And this is the same theme in the narrow screen.

WYSIWYG editor

This is one of the feature that I'm waiting for long. The CKEditor is now provided in core. When editing the content we will see the appearance that almost similar to Wordpress.

Inline image upload

Now, we can upload image and then insert it to the editor by using insert "image button" in the CKEditor.

Other features

There are also some other new features which are included in core. They could be completely the new features or previously provided as extension modules. Here they are:

  • Views
  • Datetime field
  • Telephone field
  • Link field
  • E-mail field
  • Some web services modules

Well, it's very interesting to see the stable version released.


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